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Posted: December 03, 2015

Auditor General Bonnie Lysyk released yet another report that points to disarray in our child welfare system. The report, among other alarming issues, confirms what was learned from the Jeffery Baldwin inquest: when it comes to child protection standards, there is little to no practice by the child welfare system in using them, other than for perhaps a nice thought The report also cites the findings of our Office’s My REAL Life Book and “25 is the New 21” report supporting our contention that the dismal outcomes for children in care are unacceptable.

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Posted: December 01, 2015

Approximately two weeks after I became Ontario's Child Advocate, I received a phone call from a reporter. It was a Sunday of the long weekend and I was spending the day with my family at Ontario Place.

I answered my cell and the reporter asked, "Do you know about the death of a little girl named Katelynn? Do you have a comment?" I told the reporter that I thought there should be an inquest and that our points of protection seemed to have failed her. Seven years later, that inquest is now underway in a courtroom in Toronto.

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