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From the late 1990s to 2015, the Motherisk Drug Testing Laboratory (Motherisk) at Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children (Sick Kids) carried out drug and alcohol testing in parents based on faulty science. Motherisk provided those faulty test results upon request to children’s aid societies (CAS), who used them in child protection proceedings.

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When I was young, I fancied myself a progressive and was involved in student politics at Carleton University. Thinking back to this period, how essentialist I was, but how much fun I had.

It wasn’t a fun period for everyone at the time; after all, it was the 80s – the “closet door” for many LGBT people was slowly inching open, but too often they were met with incredible resistance. Intolerance. Homophobia (which wasn’t even a word at the time) Hate. Fear. The crisis of AIDS. Death. I look back to this time and my friends in student politics, one by one, seemed to find each other and found the strength to come out.

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