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Posted: April 14, 2016

The young people seem oblivious to my visit to their classroom – they are too caught up in their work. Each one of them is accompanied by a child and youth worker or teacher. There is a calming lull you feel when you enter a safe space or a place that just feels right.

Every now and then, a burst of laughter breaks the calm. It's noticed, but it fails to break the mood. “You can be yourself here,” the space seems to reassure the young people. “It's all right, we've got you.”

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Posted: April 07, 2016

I was in Kobe, Japan in 1999 when I first heard the name Janusz Korczak. I was staying and learning for a brief spell at a "Children’s Home" – what we might call an "institution" for children in care. The home I was visiting was a residence for 100 children and youth, from infants to 18 year olds. In conversation, a youth worker from the home had referenced Janusz Korczak. I remarked, "Who?" The worker was incredulous. "How could you not know of him? And you work with youth?" I went straight to Google and began researching him. I don't claim to be an expert today, but I know we all have something to learn from the work of Dr. Korczak today.

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