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Advocates receive and respond to concerns from children, youth and families who are seeking or receiving services under the Child and Family Services Act and the Education Act (Provincial and Demonstration Schools).

This includes children and youth seeking or receiving service in some way from the:

  • Child welfare system
  • Children and youth involved in some way with a children’s aid society
  • Youth justice system (children and youth in conflict with the law or at risk of being in conflict with the law)
  • Children’s mental health system

 Under our Act, Advocates also receive and respond to concerns from:

  • Children and youth with “special needs,” as defined under the Child and Family Services Act
  • First Nations children and youth
  • Students of Ontario’s Provincial Schools, Demonstration Schools, and Schools for the Deaf, Blind and Deaf/Blind.

Our powers to investigate allow us to receive complaints from anyone who has a concern about a child, or a group of children or youth, receiving services from a children’s aid society (CAS), or a residential licensee where a CAS is the placing agency, once all existing complaint processes have been exhausted. Please go here to learn more about our investigation powers.