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Workshop Description:

The We Have Something to Say (WHSTS) workshops focuses on rethinking disability – using knowledge that comes from the Disability community, and informed by a youth-centred lens. An important aspect of our workshops is that they are intentionally developed and facilitated based on the audience, with an interactive activity that equips audience members with the tools to put knowledge and learning into practice. This means that our workshops are for any/all audiences and ages!

Every aspect of our project is guided by youth voice. For this reason, an essential component of every workshop and presentation is to incorporate the voices of young people by sharing information gathered while creating our report, as well as more recent recommendations and experiences from our youth advisory group. These workshops cover Disability theoretically, as well as ableism and accessibility and what these can look like in various institutional and organizational spaces. A section of our workshops address these theoretical understandings by putting them into practice and considering what this means when working with youth, and young people and their families from the Disability community.

The suggested time length is 1-2 hours to allow time for discussion at the end.

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