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What Can You Expect

After the completion of each investigation, the Advocate’s Office will release a public report outlining its findings and recommendations to improve children’s aid society services and services provided by residential licensees to address issues affecting the lives of children and youth in care. We aim to listen to those who have expressed concerns with the services sought and received from a children’s aid society in order to investigate their complaint – especially children and youth.

The Investigative Unit strives to provide timely service to all callers, and ensure that all persons who contact the Office are treated with dignity and respect. Every child or youth who contacts the Investigative Unit is also introduced to an Advocate, who can assist them in navigating the various complaint processes that must be pursued prior to the Investigative Unit becoming involved in an issue, as well as with other issues that may be outside of the Investigative Unit’s jurisdiction. Staff at the Investigative Unit will assist all adult callers in submitting documentation for complaint systems, and will follow up in a timely manner with all callers. The Investigative Unit aims to provide services to children and youth that are responsive to their needs.

Each investigation the Investigative Unit conducts is unique and requires different levels of resource allocation. The Investigative Unit will inform those who are affected by its findings in a timely manner, and be provided an opportunity to respond. The final report of an investigation will outline the reasons for the investigation, make recommendations, and may address other matters. Since all investigation reports will be made public, the Investigative Unit is required to safeguard the identities of all involved in an investigation.

The Investigative Unit may seek a progress report from affected agencies. Based on the information provided, the Advocate can send a copy of the report to the Premier and Legislative Assembly.