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Who We Are

The Investigative Unit at the Advocate’s Office is responsible for conducting investigations based on complaints or requests that are eligible for an investigation. Investigators will review and collect evidence, speak with children and youth about the matter and interview people responsible for – or those with relevant information about – the care of the child or youth.

After the completion of each investigation, the Advocate’s Office will release a public report outlining its findings and recommendations to improve children’s aid society services and services provided by residential licensees, and may place its reports before the Legislative Assembly of Ontario. We are committed to a fair, thorough and transparent process when conducting investigations with the primary goal of ensuring young people are heard, empowered and protected.

The Advocate’s Office is guided by the principles of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child – including the right of children and youth to be heard – and strives to be a model of meaningful child and youth participation in every aspect of its work. Children or youth who are the subject of an investigation are engaged in the investigative process, whenever possible.