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The Advocate's Office is committed to protecting your privacy and any personal information you share with us online. This privacy statement will explain what information we collect when you visit our website and how we use it.

The Advocate’s Office is an independent Office of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario. The collection, use and disclosure of any personal information is protected by the Provincial Advocate for Children and Youth Act, 2007. When you surf on our website, we collect only the personal information you choose to share with us.


Our website uses cookies. Cookies save information like your name, email address, home address or telephone number. Cookies can be turned off or on in your browser. It is your decision if you want to use cookies or not. Cookies are kept on your own computer’s hard drive.


When you visit our website, we track which pages you visit, how often you visit and your computer’s IP address.

An IP address is a number that identifies your computer. It’s like your computer’s address. We keep track of this information using Google Analytics.

This helps us to make our website better for people who use it, like yourself.

If you do not want our cookies to collect information about how you use our website, you can block them by turning them off in your browser. Just go to the “Help” menu on your browser to learn how.


We also collect personal information through our email submission form. The information you provide on this form is viewed only by authorized Office staff. We do not sell or give your information to anyone else.  When you contact an Advocate through our website, we use the information you provide to respond to your concern. If you feel uncomfortable contacting us using an online form, there are many other ways you can reach an Advocate.  See the “It is your choice!” section below.


If you prefer not to contact us online, you can phone, send us mail, send a fax or visit us in person.

If you want to get in touch with an Advocate, you can call us between Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Toll-free: 1-800-263-2841 or TTY: (416) 325-2648.

If you want to visit our office or send us mail or a fax, we have two locations:


401 Bay Street, Suite 2200
Toronto, Ontario M7A 0A6

Our Toronto Fax number is: 416-325-5681

Thunder Bay

Unit 3 - 905 Victoria Ave E.
Thunder Bay, Ontario P7C 1B3

Our Thunder Bay Fax number is: 1-807-625-6351



We will not try to identify people who use our website unless we are required to because of a police investigation. We have security policies and procedures in place to help protect any information you provide us from being stolen. We make every possible effort to ensure that your personal information is protected from loss, unauthorized access, disclosure, copying or unnecessary destruction.  There is limited access to our offices where information is stored, filing cabinets are locked and we use a secure server and individual passwords to protect electronic information.


If you have questions about our privacy policy, you can contact us at  



You agree to use Ontario Child Advocate website only for lawful purposes. You must also use it in a way that does not infringe the rights of, or restrict or inhibit the use and enjoyment of, this site by anyone else.

Prohibited Uses

  • sell material from this site or reproduce it for sale without the express written permission of the Director, IT of the Ontario Child Advocate’s Office
  • use this site in a way that could damage it or the material displayed on it
  • interfere with site security or the security of linked sites
  • use this site or the information on it to send any type of mass email
  • attempt to gain unauthorized access to the restricted areas of this site.

Online Communities and Other Interactive Areas

The names, graphics, visual identity and wordmarks on this site are the exclusive property of the Ontario Child Advocate’s Office and may not be copied, imitated or used in whole or in part without the prior written consent of the Ontario Child Advocate’s Office Director of Information Technology.

Proprietary Rights

This site is protected by copyright. You may reproduce material from this site without permission provided that you do not sell or modify it and that you credit the Ontario Child Advocate’s Office and

We can change or remove content at any time without notice.


TERMS OF USE: Social Media

Commenting policy

Please keep your comments brief and respectful. We want to ensure the conversation is a positive experience one for everyone. Trolls and trolling comments will not be permitted. The Ontario Child Advocate is not responsible for any use of material posted by users.

Any comments of the following nature will be removed:

  • Comments not topically related to our site or material being discussed.
  • Comments that are offensive.
  • Content that promotes discrimination on any basis.
  • Sexual content or links to sexual content.
  • Messages for advertising/marketing purposes.
  • Messages that contain spam.
  • Messages that conduct or encourage illegal activity.
  • Messages that invade personal privacy.
  • Information that could compromise public safety or security, or operations.
  • Content that violates the copyright ownership of any other party.
  • Unintelligible or irrelevant messages.
  • Messages that impersonate or misrepresent someone else, including public figures or Ontario Child Advocate employees.

We reserve the right not to keep any content that you post on our page or feed, and to remove at any time, any content posted which does not comply with these Terms of Use or for any other appropriate reason. Users that ignore these comment policies may be banned.  

Things to consider

For your privacy, never include your phone number, email, address or other personal information in a post. Remember, your comments are visible to all. Also, keep in mind:

  • Accounts will be monitored during normal business hours, unless otherwise specified. During this time, we will try to respond to your questions.
  • Depending on the volume of posts received, we cannot commit to responding to everyone.
  • Contacting us through any of our social media platforms, you acknowledge that any response we provide to you through the same platform:
  • is intended to provide helpful information or resources
  • is not considered definitive advice or guaranteed to solve your issue.
  • For any matter that is confidential or complicated, please contact us on our website.
  • Social media service providers (such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) also have their own terms of use. You should review the terms and conditions that apply to you before using their services.
  • Likes, retweets, favourites, replies and other forms of engagement from the Advocate’s Office social media accounts are not endorsements or support of any one account, brand, entity or individual.


Links to external resources from our website and social media platforms

We may link to other websites or social media accounts that may be of interest to you. To be clear, providing a link to them does not mean that we endorse or recommend them to you.

In addition, since these other websites and social media accounts are maintained by other people, we cannot be sure that the link will continue to be reliable in the future.


Thank you for helping us foster a positive and respectful experience on our website and social media for everyone.